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Anoka County Summer Camps

While we are still in the cold months of February, it will not be long before we all blink and are amidst the humid months of a Minnesota summer.

For the parents out there, it’s never too early to plan summer activities for your kids. This prevents them from spending the summer days around the house on iPads and playing video games. A summer camp is a great idea to get the kids active and out of your hair for a few hours a day.

The Anoka Parks and Recreation Department just released their 2013 schedule for the Wargo Nature Summer Day Camps. These camps focus on getting kids outside to appreciate nature and getting their hands dirty while doing so. Activities take place in the Anoka County parks in locations like forests, meadows, and even wetlands. All the staff members at the camps are experienced in dealing with children and the habitats.

The day camps are offered for pre-K through 7th graders. There is a variety of different camps to choose from all with different themes like games, outdoor adventures, and even CSI: Critter Scene Investigators. The camps are registering now and start in the summer months.

For more information, visit the Anoka County website: http://www.anokacountyparks.com/ or call Public Information Manager Martha Weaver at 763-323-5744.

Posted on February 25 2013